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Mental Health Awareness: Let’s Continue the Conversation

Mental Health Awareness Month has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the conversation around mental health should end. It’s up to us to keep this issue top of mind for our clients – you never know when your message of support could reach someone who needs it the most. 

And with 1 in 5 Americans diagnosed with mental illness, continuing the dialogue has never been more crucial. 

This past month, Call a Doctor Plus joined the national call to raise awareness about this ever-growing issue and shared materials for brokers and clients alike. From spreading awareness with key statistics from the […]

June 11th, 2021|Executive Memo, Month In Review, Telehealth Resources|

Call A Doctor Plus Is Proof That Not All Telemedicine Is Alike

It seems as though Telemedicine is everywhere these days. In fact, in the last 5 years the number of patients using telemedicine has gone from 350,000 to nearly 7 million. And, experts expect this market to continue to grow by more than 14% by 2020.

More and more, Telemedicine and Telehealth programs are being included in insured plans from major carriers and self-funded health plans from ASOs and TPAs. So, if you are offering telemedicine or telehealth to your clients, chances are you’ll hear “I already have Telemedicine” on more than one occasion. But, don’t let the conversation end there. We […]

June 25th, 2018|CADR+ Updates, Telehealth Resources|

FAQ Tool: Call A Doctor Plus Premier Bundle

The Call A Doctor Plus Premier Bundle is an all-encompassing plan that addresses physical health, mental health and financial health. With 24/7 access via phone, video or app. It is designed to create a Total Telehealth Solution for each user.

By offering an all-encompassing plan of services, we deliver more value to employee health plans while impacting not only the physical health of members but their mental and financial well-being as well.
This FAQ Tool will address:

How the Premier Bundle helps employers build a Total Pyramid of Telehealth
What services are included in the Premier Bundle
How the Premier Bundle impacts […]

May 15th, 2018|Telehealth Resources|

White Paper: Taking Telemedicine Beyond Physical Health

24/7 physician access by phone, video or app has quickly become the hot new benefit. But, when it comes to health and productivity, addressing only physical well-being is just the beginning.

Call A Doctor Plus is leveraging powerful Telehealth services to deliver more value to employee health plans while impacting not only the physical health of members but mental and financial health as well. Even more importantly, our clients are experiencing program use up to 10x that of carrier-sponsored plans.
In this white paper you will learn:

Not All Telemedicine Programs Are Alike
How the Call A Doctor Plus Premier Bundle Creates […]

May 15th, 2018|Telehealth Resources|

Are you paying too much for “free” Telemedicine?

When it comes to Telemedicine, the potential benefits to both employers and employees are substantial. Time and money savings, improved health and wellness, boosted happiness and productivity. The list goes on. But, all those wonderful benefits are only that… potential.

The fact is that until Telemedicine is used, it doesn’t benefit anyone. It’s a super-car sitting in a garage, an unopened bottle of incredible wine, an unused gift card to your favorite store. Sure, we all know these things will be amazing, but not until you use them do you realize their true potential. The same can be said for Telemedicine.

One […]

March 28th, 2018|Telehealth Resources|