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Built for Success

After spending several months researching the Telemedicine marketplace and building a unique delivery and distribution model, Call A Doctor Plus was founded in early 2011. Relying heavily on our management team’s experience in developing industry leading marketing and sales organizations, Call A Doctor Plus was built on the principles of quality, partnership, simplification, hands-on support and a laser-focus on driving awareness and program use.

In 5 short years, Call A Doctor Plus has become the industry’s leader in utilization, delivering over 50% utilization across our entire book in 2016.

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Save Time & Money, Improve Health & Wellness

Consumer Driven Telemedicine promotes more efficient and inexpensive access to physicians and can replace many unnecessary doctor’s office and ER visits, substantially reducing overall healthcare costs and resulting in healthier participants by promoting wellbeing, access to care when needed and disease prevention.

The key to a successful telemedicine program is in the utilization. 78% of doctor visits can be handled via telemedicine. High utilization drives significant Return on Investment (ROI) especially when offered through employer self-insured programs. Telemedicine costs pennies to use versus real dollars for traditional healthcare.

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Method to the Madness

Call a Doctor Plus has developed a scalable, easy to use platform to drive utilization. Our system educates and motivates the end user to register and ultimately use the program either telephonically or through video. We monitor use on a monthly basis and, when necessary, reengage the population to ensure a favorable year end ROI. To date, Call A Doctor Plus has an industry leading book utilization of +50% versus an industry mark of less than 15%, making our clients and brokers very satisfied.

Our mission is to be the partner of choice when a broker would like to add telehealth services to their client’s plan. We succeed by delivering a customer delight at the outset and achieving the desired financial result in the end.

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Only the Best!

We hand-select our partners in order to provide the best overall experience for our clients and their members.

Teladoc – the oldest and largest provider or telemedicine services, Teladoc provides our members with the most ways to connect with their world-class network of physicians.
Health Advocate – provides our members with a powerful, easy to use suite of EAP services along with their Medical Bill Saver program. Doesn’t get any better than that!
ScriptRelief – supported at over 50,000 pharmacies, ScriptRelief provides our members with up to 75% savings on their prescriptions, along with their powerful SearchRx app.

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Meet our Leadership Team

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Lou Daniels, President & CEO

Part salesman, part visionary, Lou has leveraged his extensive knowledge and experience to build one of the industries foremost Telemedicine companies. After 35+ years working in all lines of insurance, Lou deeply understands the challenges that employers face when it comes to managing their health plans. A passionate evangelist for Telemedicine, Lou believes that for the first time in his career he has found a tool that helps employers reduce traditional healthcare costs, positively impact health and productivity and deliver an excellent experience to employees that helps saves time and money… a true win/win.

Prior to forming Call A Doctor Plus, Lou was responsible for developing profitable business models and creating channel and sales strategies for Fortune 500 companies including Willis, Wells Fargo and Marsh.  Lou holds a bachelor’s degree from Providence College, a Leadership Certificate from University of North Carolina and a Four-Year Studies Certificate from the Catholic Bible School.

Lou is a valued speaker and presenter at various industry forums and was recently recognized by the Hartford Business Journal as Health Care Hero in the state of Connecticut for innovation in the healthcare industry 2016.

Jonathan Hoekman, Vice President & COO

A fan of the KISS principle of business, Jonathan’s passion is to make all interactions with Call A Doctor Plus as easy, straight-forward and enjoyable as possible. Hailing from technology-rich California, Jonathan is intimately involved in all aspects of Call A Doctor Plus. Using his 10+ years of digital experience, Jonathan has a hand in our marketing and sales, client success, technology and administration. A self-proclaimed customer advocate, Jonathan loves the game-changing nature of Telemedicine and how it harnesses the power of technology to deliver a powerful, easy to use experience for employers and employees alike.

Before joining the Call A Doctor Plus team, Jonathan became a digital marketing, sales and usability expert while developing a top 500 website that attracted over 800,000 visits each day with over 150,000 paying members. Jonathan holds a bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo.

Peter McDowell, SVP National Sales

For Peter, it’s all about relationships and results. Peter’s background is in identifying, cultivating and managing top tier brokers across the country, and he has been busy doing just that for Call A Doctor Plus for the last four years. Closing in on 20 years in the insurance and financial services industry, his focus has been on sales, marketing, and strategic planning for small to mid-size businesses. Throughout his career, Peter has lead the relationship management of high-end clients and advisors on a national scale. His day to day responsibilities include evaluating plan design options, monitoring industry trends, providing smart solutions for sales partners, and advocating on their behalf.

Prior to entering the financial services industry, Peter was an Executive at global advertising agencies, FCB and Element 79 Partners in Chicago, managing Gatorade’s print, online, and TV advertising efforts. Peter is a proud graduate of Wake Forest University.

Abby Woll, SVP Client Success

A social butterfly by nature, and a social worker by training, Abby deeply understands the value of working relationships and member engagement. Laser focused on understanding the specific needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations, Abby’s role is to make sure that our customers love working with Call A Doctor Plus. Starting with the on-boarding process, through member engagement to support, utilization analysis and success reporting, Abby is intimately involved in all aspects of our client’s success. Abby and her team are truly what makes Call A Doctor Plus unique and valuable for our clients and members.

Building on years in the field working with EAP providers, Abby is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BS in Social Work from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island and a Masters in Social Work from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida.