Your path to a healthier life!

A healthy lifestyle is dependent on good nutrition. Work directly with registered dietitians who can help you make healthy food choices focused on your specific clinical and nutritional needs.

Nutrition counseling that makes a difference.

How Nutrition Works


Initiate services through the web or our app by requesting an appointment time with a registered dietitian.


Answer questions on your medical conditions, diet history, goals, and meal planning concerns.


The registered dietitian talks with you by phone or video at a time that is most convenient for you.


Receives a personalized nutrition plan, nutritional care manual, meal plans and shopping guides.


View nutrition plans any time and speak to the same dietitian for follow-up care or select a dietitian with a different specialty.

Such a game changer!

“My primary care doctor was so happy that I finally got to see a registered dietitian for lifestyle modification to help manage my cholesterol. My doctor advised me that he would increase my stations unless I improved my diet. I kept holding off on seeing a registered dietitian until Nutrition made it so easy for me to speak to a registered dietitian over the phone. It was such a game-changer for me!”

~ Virtual Nutrition Member.

By the numbers

of Americans suffer from chronic diseases, most of which directly correlate to poor nutrition.
of Americans are confused about what living a “healthy” lifestyle actually means.
is spent annually for obesity-related illnesses, nearly 21% of U.S. annual medical spending.