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Our powerful program is proven to save time and improve the health of your organization by providing your team with 24/7 phone or video access to high-quality doctors and other valuable services for a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare.

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Industry leading utilization leads to industry leading ROI.


Utilization in 2016

We leverage our no co-pay plans and extensive engagement to deliver industry leading utilization.


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When you use our program instead of traditional healthcare, you save big on your expenses.


Projected ROI

When you combine high program utilization with substantial per-call savings; the result is ROI!

Utilization calculated on 2016 annual utilization across our entire book of business.
Savings per visit are national averages based on research conducted by Veracity Healthcare Analytics and represent a 30-day episode of care.
ROI calculated using an average rate of $8.00 per family per month.

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