Common Challenges Schools Face

We can help overcome these common issues.

Strict Budgets     100%
Lofty Plan Expectations     80%
Expensive, Hard to Find Substitutes     90%
Understaffed HR Teams     75%

Top 5 Talking Points

Reinforce how we can help them better achieve their goals.

Reduce Expenses

Reduce Expenses

By replacing expensive Urgent Care or ER visits with a more cost effective, easy to use solution, you will save your school an average of $517 per call.

Improve Health

Improve Health

Quicker access to quality care leads to healthier results. Call A Doctor Plus delivers 24/7 access to the care your teachers need in minutes.

Teachers in Classrooms

Teachers in Classrooms

Substitute teachers are expensive and hard to find. Telemedicine will substantially reduce the number of class days missed by teachers.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We Do the Heavy Lifting

From simplified on-boarding to our extensive communication and awareness plans, we make it easy for you to succeed.

Enhance Your Benefits

Enhance Your Benefits

Show your teachers and staff how much you value them with a benefit that will save them time, money and improve their quality of life!

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Value comes from utilization!

The more people use it, the more everyone wins!


Carrier Plans

By relying on co-pay driven plans and offering little to no support, industry utilization is very low.


Our School Clients

We leverage our no-copay plan and extensive engagement to deliver significant utilization.


Greater Value!

Everything Telemedicine can do, we do it 15 times better with our powerful, proven program!

Telling the Story

Here’s the presentation to use for your school prospects!

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