What Makes Call A Doctor Plus Different?

We start with Teladoc then add powerful communication, support and the resources
of Health Advocate to deliver a Total Telehealth Solution.

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Don’t Just Offer Telemedicine.

Deliver Value. Control Costs. Impact Health & Wellness.

Value for Self-Funded Plans

Value for Your Clients

+ Happier & healthier employees
+ Reduced absenteeism
+ Lessens the burden on HR staff
+ Lower overall plan costs & claims
+ Improved productivity
+ Attract & keep key talent

Value for Plan Members

Value for Plan Members

+ 24/7 access to care
+ Lower out-of-pocket expenses
+ Help navigating healthcare
+ Research cost of services easily
+ Covers their entire family
+ Improved overall well-being

Value for Broker Partners

Value for Broker Partners

+ A better business model
+ Differentiation from competitors
+ More value delivered to clients
+ Improved acquisition & retention of clients
+ Increased commissions
+ Help grow your book of business

Utilization Drives Value

The more people use Telehealth, the greater the ROI!


Fully Insured Plans

By relying on co-pay driven plans and offering little to no support, industry utilization is very low.


Program Use

Last year, our clients experienced record levels of utilization, leading to off the chart value and ROI.


10x the Value!

Everything Telemedicine can do, we do it 10x better with our powerful, proven platform!

All Telemedicine Programs Are Not Alike!

A proven track record, an experienced team.

With over 80 years of experience, we know how to help TPAs and health plans succeed!

  • Call A Doctor Plus is the perfect complement to Self-Funded health plans

  • Designed to deliver the ease and convenience today’s work force demands

  • Unique business model will drive program use and strengthen client relationships

  • Our Premier Bundle will address member’s physical, mental and financial health and differentiate your TPA

  • Our comprehensive marketing resources will enhance your value proposition

  • Proven education and employee communication strategies drive utilization to deliver ROI

Ready for a Better Telehealth Partner?

Don’t expect your clients to settle for yesterday’s offerings… lead the way by taking Telehealth beyond physical health. Our team is standing by ready to help!

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