Imagine a world without waiting rooms.

Teladoc provides you with phone, video and mobile app access to licensed US physicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Need medical advice at 2 a.m. or a prescription while traveling? Teladoc delivers the finest physician care – anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Quality, 24/7 care by phone, video or mobile app

When it comes to quality, the numbers speak for themselves.

Minute average call-back time
of calls resolved successfully
Customer satisfaction
Consults provided in 2017

Getting the care you need is easy

It’s like a regular office visit, only better, faster and more convenient!

How it works:

your medical

You are required to complete your medical history online, by phone, or by faxing a paper form prior to requesting a consultation.

Request a
phone or video

Simply log on to your account or call Teladoc, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to request a telephone or video consultation.

Speak with
a doctor about
your issue

A board-certified physician, licensed in your state reviews your medical history and provides a consultation over the phone or through video, just like an in-person visit.

treatment for
your issue

The physician recommends the right treatment for your medical issue. If a prescription is necessary, it is sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice.

feedback on
your experience

We send a follow up email to ensure you received the care you needed and see if you have any feedback on your experience.

The highest standards create the highest quality of care.

Our doctors are:

  • Board-certified in internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine or pediatrics

  • Licensed in their respective states

  • Experienced, with an average of 15 years of practice

  • U.S. residents, living and working in the United States

  • Extensively trained on providing care via telemedicine

  • Credentialed to standards certified by the National Committee of Quality Assurance

  • Successful at resolving 92% of patient issues on the first call

Common use for Teladoc

Effective resolution to a wide range of conditions

When to use Teladoc

Use Teladoc when:

• You’re on vacation, a business trip or away from home
• Your primary care physician is not available
• You can’t afford a trip to the doctor’s office
• You’d like a medical issue explained
• You’re thinking of going to urgent care or the ER for a non-emergency issue
• You have a health related question
• You’d like your lab results analyzed
• And more!

Top 10 diagnoses

Top 10 diagnoses:

• Sinus problems
• Urinary tract infection
• Pink eye
• Bronchitis
• Upper respiratory infection
• Nasal congestion
• Allergies
• Flu
• Cough
• Ear Infection

The prescription process

The prescription process:

• We follow all best practices in prescription management
• Our doctors follow CDC guidelines for prescribing medicine
• We do not prescribe controlled substances, psychiatric or lifestyle drugs
• We have a 98% generic prescribing rate, saving you money
• We maximize member convenience through e-prescribing