Expert help when it’s needed most.

Health Advocate connects you to a team of medical doctors, registered nurses and other experts who will answer questions, resolve related administrative issues and provide the support needed to make important care decisions with confidence.

Healthcare can be overwhelming.

Now you have one place to call for all your healthcare needs.

Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care

You are not alone! Let our team coordinate clinical services relating to all aspects of employees’ care, including facilitating communication between providers, carriers and vendors.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

Whether you need answers to questions, help asking questions, or treatment decisions based on the latest, evidenced-based practices, we can help you make the right care decisions.

Finding the Right Doctors

Finding the Right Doctors

We specialize in identifying leading in-network doctors using our proprietary quality care evaluation tool and can connect you with top experts around the country for second opinions.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

We can help you with everything from claims and billing issues to reviewing coverage and benefits provisions; from pre-authorizations to bill negotiation and payment arrangements.

Expert help when it’s needed most

Personal Health Advocate, who can help resolve a wide range of issues.

  • Find qualified doctors, hospitals, dentists and other healthcare providers

  • Identify top medical institutions and clinical trials

  • Locate leading doctors, hospitals and other providers for a second opinion

  • Schedule convenient appointments with hard-to-reach specialists for treatments or tests

  • Estimate and better understand healthcare costs to make informed decisions

  • Clarify complex conditions and research treatment options

  • Resolve insurance claims, uncover billing errors and negotiate provider discounts

  • Research caregiver services, in-home care, rehabilitation resources, hospice and coverage

  • Negotiate pre- and post-claim fees for medical cost savings

  • Address eldercare issues including Medicare, adult day care, assisted living, long term care and more