School districts experience one of the highest utilization rates of any other industry that we serve at 74.09%. This high utilization rate drives value for schools while keeping teachers healthy and in the classroom.

School districts across the country all struggle with the same challenges…

Strict Budgets – this pretty much speaks for itself, schools simply do not have a lot of money to spend.

Lofty Plan Expectations – teachers have become accustomed to very rich benefit packages.

Expensive, Hard to Find Substitute Teachers – this is arguably the largest issue that schools struggle with. When a teacher is gone, the school has to pay the teacher sick time, but they also have to pay the substitute teacher. Not to mention that substitute teachers are not easy for schools to come across.

Understaffed HR Teams – schools are understaffed. Either they can’t staff a large HR department, or their HR people are forced to wear several other hats while also handling HR responsibilities.

How does the Call A Doctor Plus program help school clients overcome these issues and experience success with Telehealth?

Our services provide quality, convenient and affordable alternatives to traditional in-office doctor visits and Urgent Care or ER visits, giving users the ability to connect with a physician or other health professional 24/7 via phone, video or app.

And, we make it easy for the TPA, HR or school. We don’t just drop off telemedicine and say, “Good luck!” We offer dedicated account support, on-going awareness programs and easy set-up and management.

Here’s how Call A Doctor Plus has worked for one school partner

Recently, a Unified School District in California turned to Call A Doctor Plus for help with these common issues. And, in just 6 months they’ve experienced a 400+% return on investment and are “thrilled with the program.”

When asked to identify the biggest benefits of implementing the program, the Benefits Coordinator stated, “convenience and 24-hour access to a doctor. Employees are able to access the service for medical issues or even if they have a medical question. The service is always available – days, nights and weekends.”