When you think about financial health what comes to mind? Chances are you think first about someone’s financial situation and probably not about the overall health of one’s body or mind. However, your finances and your health can intersect more than you might think.

Consider this… both your health and your finances can be constantly changing, for better or for worse. Your personal financial situation can be unhealthy, which can have a negative impact on many other areas of your life. And, if your personal health is poor, that can lead to sizeable financial issues. Therefore, when we focus on bettering the financial health of our users, we strive to give people the resources that are going to impact the healthcare decisions they make and, ultimately, improve their overall well-being.

At Call A Doctor Plus, our Premier Bundle Plan offers a Total Telehealth Solution that not only addresses physical and mental health, but also puts a strong emphasis on saving people money.

Healthcare can have a significant effect on financial health…

  • Over half of consumer debt is due to medical bills
  • An estimated $68B is wasted each year on unnecessary healthcare spending
  • 80% of medical bills have errors
  • 90% of hospital bills contain overcharges
  • Approximately 7 million Americans have billing errors marring their credit

We work very hard to help you avoid unnecessary healthcare spending. Our program is built on providing access to quality healthcare without the costs – no co-pays, deductibles or per-call charges. Our telemedicine program, powered by Teladoc, is at the foundation of our Premier Bundle Plan. It gives people 24/7 access to physicians, in minutes, from wherever they are via phone, video or mobile app. This makes getting the care you or your family needs significantly less expensive than a typical office, ER or Urgent Care visit and helps you save on out-of-pocket expenses. The program also includes a free pharmacy discount card that can be used to save up to 75% on generic, name brand and “out of network” prescriptions.

In addition to telemedicine, we partner with Health Advocate to offer telehealth services that are sure to provide users with wallet relief.

Health Cost Estimator+ (HCE+) is a cost savings tool that allows you or your covered family members to search for doctors, hospitals and other facilities in your area, or even by zip code, prior to having a medical procedure done.

Access HCE+ 24/7 via computer, smartphone, tablet or phone call with a live Personal Health Advocate to:

  • Shop for Medical Services
  • See Detailed Fee Breakdowns
  • Find Hospital Safety Scores
  • Get Data-Driven Benefit Information
  • View Prescription and Dental Estimates
  • Compare Consumer Ratings

People should know how much care costs and be able to find high quality providers who offer fair pricing. By having cost and quality information up front, you can compare costs, choose the best care at the best price and even budget ahead of time for healthcare expenses. Basically, save BIG on medical care.

The Medical Bill Saver program helps lower out-of-pocket costs on your medical and dental bills that are not covered by your insurance. We put expert negotiators to work with doctors and providers on your behalf (or on behalf of any of your covered members) to lower the balance on any uncovered medical or dental bill over $400. And, we’re proud to say that our Bill Saver team has been known to save families between 25 and 50%.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us your bills
  2. We get to work
  3. You and providers sign-off on all terms
  4. Review your easy-to-read personal savings summary
  5. You save money!

With resources like these, Call a Doctor Plus helps members improve their financial health, adding greater peace of mind in the process.

We saved our clients $18,831,208 in 2017 alone!

At Call A Doctor Plus, we believe that when people have easy access to the quality care and assistance they need, other more serious health conditions can often be avoided, and their mind can be put at ease.

What sets us apart from other Telehealth programs?

We know that Telehealth only works if people use it. Driving program use is what we do better than anyone in the industry, and ultimately what maximizes value to individuals and to employer groups. Our business model featuring $0 co-pays and per-call charges is not something you’ll see just anywhere. But, our extensive account support and communication is what amplifies the value and ease of our platform. From unique pre-launch starter kits, welcome calls, on-site “get acquainted” events, posters and emails to timely seasonal reminders, no other Telehealth partner does more to drive engagement.

While carrier sponsored plans are floundering at average utilization of 5%, Call A Doctor Plus is excelling with program use levels of over 50%. 

The powerful services included in our Premier Bundle plan provide a Total Telehealth Solution designed to help users remain as healthy as possible – physically, mentally and financially. If you’re interested in improving the overall health of your employees or client employer groups, contact us to learn how you can get started with Call A Doctor Plus today!