Avon, CT – Call A Doctor Plus, in partnership with The Loomis Company (Wyomissing, PA), has created an innovative new health plan that combines best in class Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans with the features and benefits of $0 copay virtual care services, including mental health.

With employers across the country struggling with the expense incurred with providing healthcare to their staff and with costs continuing to rise year after year with no end in sight, many are exploring ways that they can reduce their medical related expenses while still providing critical, affordable services to their valuable employees.

To address this growing problem, Call A Doctor Plus, a leader in driving awareness and utilization in the virtual care industry, has launched a new health plan, VirtuMEC, that can address the needs of many today.

VirtuMEC combines the best minimum essential coverage plans available with access to powerful, effective virtual care services ranging from medical doctor consults to counselors, therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists to address both physical and mental health concerns.

Over his 40+ years in the insurance industry, Lou Daniels, the CEO of Call A Doctor Plus, has seen this play out too many times. “Year after year, EB brokers are asked to do more with less”, says Daniels. “The pandemic could make 2021 renewals the most challenging yet. Employers are getting hammered by increasing medical costs, and VirtuMEC just might be the answer to their problems.”

By launching VirtuMEC, Call A Doctor Plus hopes to help create a new alternative to expensive medical plans that harnesses the immense impact and value of virtual care to deliver quality, affordable care. MEC plans historically have been successful in delivering a low-cost alternative to traditional care. The addition of a suite of virtual care services just may have taken something that was good to great.

VirtuMEC is a high-value alternative to traditional care plans. If you find yourself struggling to keep your client’s medical expenses in line, it might just be the solution you need.

About Call A Doctor Plus

Founded in 2011, Call A Doctor Plus has been at the forefront of the virtual care industry through its unique and dedicated approach to providing comprehensive, full-service virtual care programs. Through their commitment to education and utilization Call A Doctor Plus has been a perennial industry leader in delivering maximum return on investment through the programs they offer.

About the MEC Plans administered by The Loomis Company

The Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan is the minimum offering needed to avoid the ACA Penalty 1. It covers 100% of the 71 Preventive Services as listed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The illustrated plan is self funded with Aggregate Only stop loss insurance. Policies are designed with a monthly Accommodation Provision to ensure monthly cash flow stability.


Bill Latz
SVP & Director VirtuMEC Program
(860) 217-0851