Mental Health Awareness Month has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the conversation around mental health should end. It’s up to us to keep this issue top of mind for our clients – you never know when your message of support could reach someone who needs it the most. 

And with 1 in 5 Americans diagnosed with mental illness, continuing the dialogue has never been more crucial. 

This past month, Call a Doctor Plus joined the national call to raise awareness about this ever-growing issue and shared materials for brokers and clients alike. From spreading awareness with key statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to sharing helpline resources for those in need, we are committed to prioritizing mental health – all year round. 

Check out our Mental Health Awareness infographic here to arm yourself with the facts. 

In addition to sharing resources, offering mental health as a part of your benefits plan is a great first step to make sure everyone on your book receives the support they need. With our virtual care services, members gain access to convenient, confidential and quality treatment by phone or video. After their third and fourth virtual care visit, more than 75% of members with depression or anxiety reported clinically meaningful improvements.

No one should lack the access to mental health care that may save their life – the time to act is now. 

To learn more about our mental health offerings check out our Life Assistance program and an overview of our Mental Health services and how they work.  

Let’s continue to be there for each other — we’re all in this together. 

Louis M. Daniels

Chief Executive Officer