It seems as though Telemedicine is everywhere these days. In fact, in the last 5 years the number of patients using telemedicine has gone from 350,000 to nearly 7 million. And, experts expect this market to continue to grow by more than 14% by 2020.

More and more, Telemedicine and Telehealth programs are being included in insured plans from major carriers and self-funded health plans from ASOs and TPAs. So, if you are offering telemedicine or telehealth to your clients, chances are you’ll hear “I already have Telemedicine” on more than one occasion. But, don’t let the conversation end there. We have an approach for responding to this objection that will help you prove that their telemedicine offerings could be stronger.

Here are some steps to help you prepare your response:

1. Understand what motivates your prospect
The more you can learn about your client, the more insight you’ll have into why they do what they do. What motivates them? What are they interested in? What goals do they have? Once you understand the “why,” you can help them with the “how.”

2. Learn about the plan they already have in place
Telehealth StatAsk questions to help you learn about their current Telemedicine program. Ask about costs, usage of the plan, the efforts to boost engagement and if they even know what their usage rate is.

This will help you create a clear distinction between their current plan and Call A Doctor Plus because, after all, without utilization the benefits that come with telemedicine mean nothing.

3. Demonstrate how Call A Doctor Plus can better help them achieve their goals
Use the answers to those “why” questions above to further evaluate their current plan. When you know what they truly care about – reducing costs, improving access, increasing productivity or staying competitive – you can show them how Call A Doctor Plus can help them better achieve their goals. And then, hit home with the fact that our 53% utilization (across our book of business in an industry of <10% utilization), stands second to none!

Call A Doctor Plus knows that Telemedicine has much to offer employers and employees when it comes to making drastic improvements to the quality, accessibility and cost of healthcare. The proof of impact that we can have on an organization, and why thousands of clients choose to partner with us, is exemplified in our performance with utilization. We know how to make Telehealth work and we’re here to help you deliver significant value to your clients. Get Started with Call A Doctor Plus Today!