They say employees aren’t using telemedicine. Here’s our response.

Telehealth is an emerging field. And, while most health benefit plans check the telemedicine box these days, not every employer is seeing the success they were hoping for.

Call A Doctor Plus is not your typical telemedicine provider. We know what it takes to help an organization succeed with telehealth. Below are some reasons why employees might not be using the telemedicine benefits being offered to them, and how we address these common concerns.

Utilization: At Call A Doctor Plus we know that a successful telemedicine program is measured by its utilization. If employees are not informed and encouraged to use telehealth services, they’re likely to forget they even have it and are sure to miss out on these awesome benefits while employers keep footing the bill. That’s why Call A Doctor Plus works to ensure employees get the information they need during open enrollment AND throughout the year. We implement extensive and customized communication campaigns and supply reporting integration to keep the employer, or TPA, informed of what will happen month to month. If we’re not seeing the desired results, we send in our “SWAT” team to achieve better results. No extra work from the employer, HR or the TPA is required.

Cost Concerns: It’s true that many telemedicine networks charge a co-pay or per call charge, but Call A Doctor Plus recognizes the barriers these fees create. Our program has a no co-pay plan design and provides 24/7 access to high-value telehealth services at no cost to patients. The Premier Plan also keeps financial health in mind, offering a discount card that can help members save on prescriptions, a Medical Bill Saver Expert Negotiator that can help lower the balance of uncovered medical bills and a Health Cost Estimator+ program which allows users to comparison shop for healthcare. Telehealth services provide coverage for not only the user, but for their covered dependents as well.

Quality of Physicians: Another common concern is uncertainty over the type of physician you’ll be connected with. Our physicians have, on average, 15+ years of experience. They are all U.S. board certified, state licensed and are local doctors, living and working in the United States. Call A Doctor Plus is the only company certified by NCQA, maintaining rigorous credentialing, protocols and overall quality assurance. When receiving care through the Call A Doctor Plus program, you are experiencing the highest clinical quality in the industry.