Call A Doctor Plus announces its next webinar geared toward Third Party Administrators who partner with school clients. The webinar being held on Tuesday, August 28th at 3pm EST will discuss the value that a successful Telehealth program can deliver to school systems and their teachers, administration and staff.

Webinar Title: Telemedicine and Teachers = A+ Combo!

Description:  As schools across the country struggle to provide the level of care that teachers and school employees have come to expect over the years, one of their biggest challenges is finding ways to do so without shifting costs to their teachers and staff. Telemedicine can stand as a perfect solution, offering teachers and staff members 24/7 phone or video access to doctors and other health professionals, which can help substantially reduce the number of class days missed.

Attend our free 30-minute webinar and learn how Call A Doctor Plus can help your school clients:

  1. Keep teachers healthy and in the classroom
  2. Reduce your medical expenses
  3. Improve health, wellness and productivity
  4. Enhance your benefits plan with the ultimate white-glove service
  5. Simplify the implementation and marketing of our services

And, learn how our school clients average over 70% utilization with our no co-pay plan design and extensive engagement!