When addressing employees of varying age groups, it’s important to understand their needs, concerns and preferred methods of communication. In order to better leverage telemedicine, employees need help understanding and realizing the savings telemedicine can offer them, as well as how it makes healthcare more accessible overall.

A recent study published in Health Affairs titled, “Unlike Medical Spending, Medical Bills In Collections Decrease With Patients’ Age” provides real-world insight into how millennial employees, specifically, can benefit from the use of telemedicine. The findings show that despite having lower medical costs, millennials are accumulating the most medical debt in collections out of any generation. Though the study does not make the connection to telemedicine directly, it does point out the ways traditional health insurance alone is not comprehensive enough to meet the needs of today’s employees.

In the cases reviewed, the amounts sent to collections were not large, “with more than half of them less than $600 annually. As a result, medical collections could still occur under typical insurance plans.” The cases go on to reveal that millennials and low-income individuals could not repay even relatively low deductibles or co-pays, forcing some to avoid receiving medical care all together. Or, resorting to emergency care to avoid missing work, despite the higher cost. Emergency room visits can negatively impact employers, resulting in high claims and higher plan costs. However, the alternative – missed work – can also lead to large losses for the employer. On the opposite end of the scale, total avoidance does nothing to improve employee health, creating potentially larger and costlier conditions as time goes on.

The Call A Doctor Plus Premier Plan looks out for the physical, mental and financial health of the employee. It eliminates out-of-pocket consult fees with a $0 co-pay for telemedicine services that are available to members 24/7. This means that anyone, even fast-paced millennials, can receive high quality healthcare whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Other telehealth services offered include Medical Bill Saver and access to a personal Health Advocate, which are designed to help users lower their balance on uncovered medical bills and to help them better understand their healthcare and get nearly all the answers they need. Assistance like this can help address issues that may otherwise rack up debt, providing peace of mind and better overall health. With Call A Doctor Plus, your business can offer health and well-being benefits that will set you apart from competitors and help your employees with the complexities of healthcare – allowing you to attract and retain a happier, more productive workforce.