Call A Doctor Plus announces that it will be holding a webinar on Tuesday, July 24th at 3pm EST that will specifically speak to Third Party Administrators and help them learn how to get the most value from a Telehealth program.

Webinar Title: How TPAs can leverage telehealth to add value.

Description:  Chances are that most TPAs have either done very little to engage with telehealth or telemedicine, or they have seen little success when they did. Maybe you’re thinking that, although it is a good idea in theory, you’re not quite ready to take the leap yet. We’re here to tell you how to get the most value from Telehealth by delivering a better program that generates greater utilization.

Attend this free webinar and learn:

  1. Why so many Telehealth plans are failing
  2. The keys for getting the most value from Telehealth
  3. How Telehealth controls costs and boosts health/wellness
  4. Who the ideal clients for Telehealth are
  5. What makes Call A Doctor Plus different

Hear first-hand from a fellow TPA as Brooks Goodison, President of Diversified Group, joins us to share his experience with telehealth and the success employer groups can have with a $0 co-pay plan design and comprehensive employee communication.

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