Offering plan members 24/7 access to doctors by phone, video or app, Telemedicine has quickly become the hot, new benefit on the block. Carriers seem to include it, in one way or another, in virtually all of their plans. And, experts predict that the market for telemedicine will continue to grow, possibly by as much as 14% by 2020.

However, not all Telemedicine is alike and simply making it available to plan members does not guarantee that they will use it or that the organization will truly benefit.

At Call A Doctor Plus, addressing physical health is only the beginning. Our Premier Bundle offers a Total Telehealth Solution – moving beyond basic Telemedicine to include 24/7 access to personal health advocates, counselors, board-certified physicians, medical bill specialists and other experienced professionals all prepared to help employees and dependents improve health and wellness, save time and money and navigate the complex healthcare system.

By bringing all of these Telehealth resources together in one Premier Bundle, we can powerfully impact the health, wellness and financial well-being of covered employees and deliver more value to healthcare plans, brokers, employers and plan members.

The business model made popular by Call A Doctor Plus removes one of the largest barriers to member engagement facing health plans today – rising out-of-pocket expenses and costly co-pays. And, our entire suite of services is available for one low per-employee, per-month fee, paid for by the employer.

“While millions of plan members have a telemedicine benefit included in their group health plan, levels of use vary greatly. And like any new technology, it must be used in order for any value to be received. The more people use telemedicine, the more value they receive. And driving use is what we do better than anyone else in the telehealth space.”

More important is that we don’t just offer these services, we make sure that people use these services. Driving program use is what we do better than anyone in the industry, and ultimately what maximizes value to employer groups. By eliminating co-pays and per-call charges, we significantly increase program utilization. In addition, our comprehensive communication program amplifies the value, convenience and ease of the program, driving engagement and use. By combining our proven zero co-pay plan design with extensive account support, marketing and employee communication, Call A Doctor Plus achieved 50.36% utilization in 2016 across our entire book of business, followed by an even more impressive utilization rate of 53.54% in 2017.

Today many people are dealing with more than just their physical health. They are struggling with a multitude of issues impacting their mental and financial health as well.

  • Over half of consumer debt is due to medical bills
  • More than 42 million Americans live with anxiety disorders, and more than 16 million struggle with major depression

This is why it is so important to look beyond just physical health and provide easy access to the right assistance or care. Call A Doctor Plus has taken Telemedicine to a higher level to create a Total Telehealth Solution that can improve physical health, mental health and financial health for each and every user.