Why do employers choose self-funding?

Our program aligns perfectly with the reasons why your clients choose self-funding.

Increased control over the plan     90%
Flexibility in plan design     85%
Transparency in claims costs     95%
Pay only for claims incurred     100%
Choose the best providers     80%
Legal and tax benefits     85%

5 ways Telemedicine helps self-funded plans

Reinforce how we can help them better achieve their goals.

Reduce plan costs

Reduce plan costs

Telemedicine costs a fraction of traditional care. Every time a member of your team uses our program, you save an average of $517

Enhance your benefits

Enhance your benefits

Tired of carving out benefits to keep costs down? Your employees are too! Give them free, easy-to-use benefits they’ll love.

Health & productivity

Health & productivity

Immediate access to quality care helps your team get better faster, and our service suite keeps them focused on their work.

Lessen the HR burden

Lessen the HR burden

Free up time and financial resources that can be better spent on more strategic issues that further enhance your benefits.

ROI is guaranteed

ROI is guaranteed

We’re so confident that our program will save you money, we’re willing to guarantee our results. Either you save or we’ll credit you back!

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The ROI is significant!

Let’s look at a 200 life case billed at $6.75 per family per month.


Avg. Utilization

The average utilization for groups 100 to 250 is 53.60%


Net Savings

Annual net savings is large even for small groups.


Projected ROI

Save $3.42 for every $1 you spend on our program.


Breakeven ROI

The threshold for providing a positive ROI is only 15.67%.

Sample Cost Analysis

Telling the Story

Here’s the presentation to use for your self-funded prospects!

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