Group Enrollment… Start to Finish!

When it comes to enrolling a new group, half the battle is to know the process. The following information will outline, from start to finish, the process that occurs when a new group enrolls in Call A Doctor Plus. From enrollment to confirmation and welcome messaging to follow-up and fulfillment, if you need to find it, it’s here!

4 things needed to enroll a new group

1. A Signed Agreement 25%
2. Group Added to Admin System 50%
3. Member Census Uploaded to Admin System 75%
4. First Month’s Premiums Sent to Our Office 100%

What you do

The Group Service Agreement

  • Action: Complete, sign and save a digital copy of the agreement as a PDF.
  • Responsible: Broker and Group’s Main Contact.
  • Location:
  • Purpose: The Group Service Agreement defines the relationship between Call A Doctor Plus and the Customer. This includes key points of the engagement like pricing, who is responsible for what, etc. These types of agreements are usually pretty standard when it comes to enrolling in a program like Call A Doctor Plus

Adding the New Group

  • Action: Add the group to our Admin system
  • Responsible: Broker on behalf of the client
  • Location:
  • Instructions:
  • Additional Item: If your client is under 50 employees or would like to pay via ACH, they will be asked to provide their Bank and Account information when creating their profile.
  • Purpose: Gathers all relevant information for the group so that we can manage their account and deliver the best possible experience.

Member Census Data

First Month’s Payment

  • Action: The first month’s payment needs to be collected before services can be received.
  • Responsible: Client on behalf of all members to be included in the program
  • Location: Mail check to the following address:
    • Call A Doctor Plus
    • Attn: Accounts Receivable
    • PO Box 361
    • Canton, CT 06019
  • Instructions: The first month’s premium can be calculated by multiplying the total members in the census file by the PFPM rate for the group.
  • ACH Payments: If a group would like to have us deduct their monthly premiums via ACH, they will need to complete our ACH Authorization Form and send it to us.

What we do

Welcome Emails & Follow-Up Call

  • Action: Send welcome emails to main group contact when the group is added, along with a follow-up call by our Account Management team to the main group contact.
  • Responsible: Call A Doctor Plus Support Team & Admin Automation
  • Purpose: To begin to develop the relationship with the group contact, confirm that all the information is correct, and to begin to provide them with tips on how to make the most of the program.

Client Kickoff Webinar

  • Action: Host a kickoff webinar for our clients the week before the program goes live.
  • Responsible: Call A Doctor Plus Support Team
  • Location:
  • Purpose: Provide an overview to our new clients about the program, our admin, and how to effectively communicate our program to their members.

Member Welcome Emails

  • Action: Send Welcome email to all new members on the activation date for that group.
  • Responsible: Call A Doctor Plus Support Team & Portal Automation
  • Location: Samples of the welcome emails can be found here:
  • Purpose: Provide all members with instructions for activating and accessing their accounts

New Member Orientation

  • Action: Send invitation to all new members on the second Monday of the month
  • Responsible: Call A Doctor Plus Support Team
  • Location:
  • Purpose: Invite new members to attend our New Member Orientation webinar on the second Wednesday of each month

Welcome Mailer

  • Action: Send welcome mailer with Member Card
  • Responsible: Teladoc
  • Location:
  • Purpose: Provide all new members with a activation instructions and member cards via snail mail.

Ongoing Communication

  • Action: Monthly emails to clients, bi-monthly emails to members, utilization reporting an analytic and more.
  • Responsible: Teladoc and Call a Doctor Plus Support Team
  • Location:
  • Purpose: Continue to keep the program top of mind for the members, and supply our clients with simple, easy to execute ideas, as well as flyers, posters and more.