Frequently Asked Questions

If these options don’t adequately answer your questions, please let us know and we’d be happy to help!

  1. Activate your account.
    • Visit or call 1-800-TELADOC (835-2362).
    • Provide your first and last name, email, phone number and date of birth.
    • Select no for if you have a username, and then enter and select the name of your company.
  2. Complete your health history.
    • Log on to
    • Click on the My Medical History tab and complete each section.
    • You can also complete your health history by phone for no additional charge.
  3. You’re Done! Next time you’re sick, just call or click!
    • Call: 1-800-835-2362
    • Click:

Simply contact Member Services by calling 1-800-835-2362. Make sure you receive the username and password for each new dependent you add!

  • Call A Doctor Plus Member Services: (860) 217-0851 x 1
  • Teladoc Member Service Line: (800) 835-2362
  • On-Demand Physician
  • Call a doctor 24/7, without long waits at the doctor’s office, urgent care or emergency room. Obtain information, treatment recommendations, and prescription medication, when appropriate.*
  • Request Prescription Medication
  • Get timely prescription refills; enjoy convenient pickup at your nearest pharmacy.
  • Coverage for your entire family
  • Instant, affordable coverage for all ages – from children to senior citizens – no age limit!
  • Nationwide medical expertise
  • All physicians are U.S.-based, state-licensed, and NCQA-certified. Availability in 49 states (currently not available in Arkansas).

Yes. Excluding dependents or secondary members, the primary member/account-holder must be 18 years of age or older. A guardian may conduct a consultation on behalf of an underage dependent as long as they are listed on the account.

Yes. Teladoc accepts all patients regardless of a pre-existing condition! We will never deny quality healthcare to anyone. Additionally, members with pre-existing conditions pay the same monthly membership fee and call fees as everyone else.

If you need to talk a doctor in minutes (guaranteed within 1 houra) for an in-depth, comprehensive consultation, you can request a Priority Tele-Consult. A Teladoc physician will review your Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to the consult, and provide advice, treatment recommendations, including prescription medication when appropriate. You will be required to complete a Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to your consult).

If you are requesting an in-depth, comprehensive consultation at a specific time that is convenient for you, you can request a Tele-Consult By Appointment. A Teladoc physician will review your Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to the consult, and provide advice, treatment recommendations, and prescription medication when appropriate. You will be required to complete a Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to your consult).

Yes. Teladoc’s physicians are available 24/7/365.

Teladoc services aid in avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor or emergency room. In fact, studies have shown that 70% of visits to a doctor’s office or emergency room are unnecessary. Teladoc makes the doctor available to talk to you at any time avoiding delays and saving you valuable time and money without sacrificing the quality of care.

No. For an emergency please dial 911.

After registering, members can access our physicians either by visiting and logging into their account to email a doctor or schedule a consult or simply by calling 1-800-TELADOC (1-800-835-2362) to be connected to a doctor on call. Our members can speak with a doctor as much as they want! There are no limits on type of consults of frequency of use!

You can reschedule a Tele-Consult By Appointment anytime simply by calling our Member Services at 1-800-TELADOC (835-2362).

Yes. Our Physicians are only able to prescribe non-controlled substances and can electronically submit prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

A Teladoc physician has the ability (if medically appropriate) to prescribe a wide range of products. These include, but are not limited to, drugs such as antibiotics, antihistamines and maintenance medicines. Our physicians do not prescribe medications regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency or those that pose a potential for abuse or addiction. And, Teladoc physicians do not prescribe lifestyle drugs.

If the consulting physician determines the treatment plan includes prescription medication, the physician will send the prescription to your local pharmacy 24/7/365 (subject to the pharmacy hours of operation).

Yes. Our physicians can only prescribe non-controlled medications after a telephone medical consultation (Tele-Consult) and reviewing your medical history and evaluating symptoms, conditions, and allergies. If you wish to have maintenance/long-term medications filled by Teladoc, more than once within a four month period, our physicians will need you to fax your most recent medical records or fill out a medical records release form (MRRF).

We utilize several methods and resources when confirming the certifications of our providers. We hold our providers to the highest standards by putting each prospective provider through a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process. Our credentialing process includes the National Committee for Quality Assurance, background checks, research any disciplinary actions through the AMA and the Provider’s respective State Board of Medicine.

We use standards that meet national guidelines. We have a recruitment and credentialing department that does nothing but credential and recruit on an ongoing basis. We have very strict guidelines and quality assurance that include a medical director and medical compliance department that review post consultations and have terminated both patients and physicians for not meeting the guidelines and standards set forth.

Life Assistance is provided by our partner, Health Advocate, who provides you with confidential access to resources and services to help you live and work well. Your services are customized to support all facets of life.

  1. No activation required, you’re good to go!
  2. Feeling stressed? Talk to a real person who’s ready to help!
    • Call: (877) 240-6863
  3. Need additional help? Visit our online resource center!
    • Click:
    • Name of Organization: Enter ‘Call A Doctor Plus’
    • Click ‘submit’ and your on your way!
  • Call A Doctor Plus Member Services: (860) 217-0851 x 1
  • Medical Bill Saver
  • Online WorkLife Resources
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Childcare Services
  • Eldercare Services
  • Telephone consultations

You can receive a consultation with a certified public accountant, financial planner, budget specialist, or licensed securities broker. Types of services covered:

  • Tuition planning
  • Investment planning
  • Debt and loan consolidation
  • Mortgage and refinancing

Health Advocate can help you with a variety of legal questions. Call and speak to our team for as long as you need, as many times as you need. If needed, further consultation is provided at a reduced hourly rate for each separate matter. Types of services covered:

  • Family / Domestic Law
  • General-Civil
  • Estate Planning
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Criminal

Our work/life specialists can put you in touch with resources in the following areas:

  • Assisted living
  • Nursing homes
  • Independent living
  • Home health aids
  • Adult day services
  • Senior centers
  • Geriatric care managers
  • Community resources
  • Adults with disabilities

Our work/life specialists can put you in touch with resources in the following areas:

  • Childcare centers
  • Babysitter tips
  • Family-run child care homes
  • Community resources
  • Nanny agencies
  • Pre-schools
  • Summer camps
  • Back-up care
  • And more!

Our Medical Bill Saver program to help mediate remaining medical bills. Your personal negotiator will act on your behalf, mediating solutions for remaining bills with medical facilities. You pay only 25% of anything our team saves you. Solutions could include:

  • Applying for financial assistance
  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Arranging a payment plan

No activation required, you’re good to go!

  • Call: (877) 240-6863
  • Name of Organization: Enter ‘Call A Doctor Plus’
  • Call A Doctor Plus Member Services: (860) 217-0851 x 1

We can help reduce the balance of uncovered medical bills:

  • Work with doctors and other providers on your behalf
  • High success rates achieving significant savings
  • Can result in lower out-of-pocket costs
  • You become a more savvy healthcare consumer
  • You, your spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law can all use the service
  • And much more!

Just call (877) 240-6863 and you’re on your way to getting the help you need!

Your membership to Medical Bill Saver can help lower the balance on any uncovered medical or dental bill over $400.

WellCard Health gives you and your family access to pre-negotiated discounts on prescription drugs and a wide range of health care services. WellCard Health gives you access to over 410,000 Physicians and 45,000 ancillary provider locations throughout the United States. Plus, over 59,000 nationwide pharmacies accept WellCard Health with availability for mail order and specialty pharmacy. And all services are available with no administrative fees to you or your family.

  1. Fill out the registration form to get your free prescription and health care discount card.
  2. You can print your card and use it immediately after registering!
  1. Find a provider.
    • Login at and click on the service you are interested in.
    • Select the “Locate a Provider” link for that service.
  2. Schedule an appointment.
    • Call your selected provider to set up an appointment.
    • Let them know that you have a WellCard card when you schedule your appointment.
    • Ask the provider any specific questions you have about the health care service.
  3. Go to your appointment and pay at the time of service.
    • You will pay the discounted rate at the time of purchase by showing your WellCard card.
    • You will not have to fill out any reimbursement paperwork your savings are immediate!

Discounts up to 50% on a Wide Range of Services, including:

  • Doctor Visits – save up to 25%
  • Dental – save up to 50%
  • Vision – save up to 50%
  • Surgical Centers – save up to 80%
  • MRI & Imaging – save up to 70%
  • Lab – save up to 60%
  • Prescription Drugs – save up to 65%
  • Hearing – save up to 15%
  • Diabetic Care Services – save up to 10%
  • Vitamins – save up to 10%
  • Daily Living Products – save up to 10%

For more information, visit:

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