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Month In Review: September 2016

1. New Gadgets That Could Give Telemedicine a Boost
Telemedicine offers patients the chance to meet with a doctor, 24/7, without leaving home. But many physicians are wary of participating because they can’t peer into patients’ ears, look down their throats or listen to their lungs remotely.

A new genre of home diagnostic devices aims to address those concerns by giving patients some of the same tools that doctors use during in-office exams. Think part Star Trek Tricorder, part Harry Potter Extendable Ear.

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2. Telemedicine Market to reach US$36.30 bn by 2020; Growth Spurred by High Personal Healthcare Demand
The valuation of […]

Month In Review: August 2016

1. Employers see savings, increased productivity by offering telemedicine services
In an increasingly mobile world, the idea of seeing a doctor through your smartphone is becoming more common. And people are finding that it’s also helpful when family members are on the go or away from home.

Becky McLaughlan, vice president with Troy-based Marsh & McLennan, and Cheryl Gambrell, vice president of human resources at TNG Worldwide, a beauty supply distributor based in Lyon Township, referred their children to telemedicine providers, and it paid off.

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2. Employer Health Plans May be 100% Telemedicine-enabled by 2020
Having squeezed all they can out of […]

Month In Review: July 2016

1. First, Do No Digital Harm: Regulating Telemedicine
Telemedicine, whereby physicians use email, phone, text, or video for prescribing and consultations, is growing rapidly. Seeking to encourage faster uptake of telemedicine, many well-intentioned parties are prodding Congress to take actions which will likely have harmful unintended consequences.

So far, Congress has done well. With respect to regulating actual devices, the 21st Century Cures Act, passed by the House in 2015 with overwhelming bipartisan support, is forward thinking. If passed into law, the policies it would implement would lead to a responsible and responsive regulatory environment for mobile health apps.

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2. Increasing […]

Lou Daniels featured on SCTV

Our CEO, Lou Daniels, will be featured on SCTV this month on a segment called Healthcare Leaders in Simsbury.  In it, Lou discusses the benefits of Telehealth for employers and individuals.

The full episode will be aired in August 2016, but we have a sneak peek available for you now!


Month In Review: June 2016

1. Telemedicine Is The Future Of Health Care
Between getting stuck in the waiting room and being probed with metal objects, a visit to the doctor’s office is rarely an enjoyable experience. Telemedicine is quickly changing that, becoming health care’s 21st century hero. One of greatest advancements in telemedicine is the development of telemedicine kiosks.

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2. How Telemedicine Is Transforming Health Care
Telemedicine has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past decade, moving beyond teleradiology to include a broad range of specialties such as neurology, infectious diseases, and psychiatry. However, this expansion has not been without controversy, as highlighted […]